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12th December 2005

1:32pm: I was going through my movie collection the other day when I started to realize just how many Stephen Spielberg movies I had bought over the years. Below is a list of what I own either on DVD or VHS. All of these Spielberg either directed or was the executive producer...

*War of the Worlds
*Minority Report
*Artificial Intelligence: AI
Saving Private Ryan
*Schindler's List
The Jurassic Park Series
*The Indiana Jones Trilogy
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Men in Black I&II
Deep Impact
*Back to the Future Series
The Land Before Time
*Gremlins 1&2
*The Goonies

Other movies/series that I dont own...

The Terminal
Catch Me If You Can
Band of Brothers TV series
Pinky and the Brain TV Series
"ER" TV Series
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Lucas has quite a resume to his name but I can easily see Spielberg going down as the greatest American filmmaker of all time. Any other contenders who can compete? (Wes Anderson comes to mind but I dont know if he's American...)

30th November 2005

3:07pm: bullshit
I find it incredibly amusing, and sickening, that the pro-abortion people are the same liberals who are AGAINST capital punishment. Oh yeah, its ok to kill your unborn child, thats your right, but killing a murderer or a rapist is somehow horrible and inhumane.

I'm racking my mind trying to figure out why anyone on this amazing planet would want to stand up for the right to kill their child. What are we, a third world country? Is there no hope for our children that its somehow beneficial for them to be killed before they are born?? The saddest part of all of this is the fact that so many dumbass liberal college girls seem to think this is a worthy cause. YOU DUMB SHITHEADS. YOU ARENT HELPING THE WORLD, YOU ARE KILLING UNBORN CHILDREN. If everyone who was fighting FOR abortion suddenly adopted a child, gave 5% of their income to charity or volunteered at a homeless shelter, think of what good they could do...

I guess I'm really just tired of this a-moral society. Here's some dialog I had with a friend a while back...

Friend: "I personally would never have an abortion, but I think every woman should have the right to make their own decision."
Me: "So you would never have an abortion for any reason other than if your life was in danger?"
Friend: "Yes. I think abortion is horrible and I would never have one."
Me: "If you personally wouldnt have an abortion and you think its sick, then why would you want anyone else to have an abortion?"
Friend: "Because thats their right. I'm not incharge of their body."

My argument is, if you personally would never have one, you think its sick, disgusting, all things repulsive... then why would you ever want to enable anyone else to make what you obviously believe is a BAD decision? Thats what you do when you vote for the 'right' for someone to seek an abortion. You are helping them, aiding them, enabling them to kill their unborn child.

5th November 2005

11:39pm: amazing
sometimes its hard to believe crap like this is actually an issue. people fighting for the 'right' for a woman to destroy her child. then those same people go around wondering why the world is in so much turmoil. just read the quotes in that article... what bullshit. that not having abortions available would somehow turn the US into a 3rd world country. this is stupid. i wish everyone supporting abortion would instead focus on adopting children and teaching parents to discipline their children. out of all the causes out there it absolutely SICKENS me that people would actually spend their time fighting for the right for a woman to destroy her unborn baby. i'd love the chance to speak with any one of those adults, and their children, who obviously werent aborted. and how many women who have had abortions later regret it in life...

my personal goal this month is to bring atleast 2 people with me every sunday to church, no matter where i go. i'm continually suprised just how closed minded people of the world are to the possibility of an almight creator. this world is too amazing and has far too much design in it to be a giant accident. no one can view life as anything except a gift. we've done nothing to deserve it. so whats the purpose... dare i say our creator would know... :)

16th September 2005

3:03pm: Stones in Chicago
OK, before I begin my rant I'd just like to share this concert story... Its not my story but its great nontheless...

"Rod Stewart's opening night of first tour without Faces: Before the show a frizzbie is making it's way through the arena and the croud watches it moving around. It sails out of the upper deck and hits a girl stading midfloor behind the sound board right in the left ear, a few moans of sympathy come from the croud. Her boyfriend pissed at his girl getting hit and the public attention picks up the disc and sends it sailing into the upper deck on the other side of the arena. Immediatly it sails out of the upper deck and hits the same girl on the right ear. The croud screams in disbelief, the guy and girl just walk away her holding her ears. 16,000 people, three throws, two ears, one head."

OK, so nothing catastrophic happened to us in Chicago. It was only one of the greatest roadtrips EVER. So here's a little diary of our trip on the weekend of September 10th, 2005...

Friday: Day 1, the pilgrimage to Chicago.

Around 1 or so we depart from Louisville. Obviously we're all filled with excitement over the weekend to come. The drive to Chicago flew by in no time. No traffic until we reached Chicago, and even then it wasnt horrible. I did all the driving but my buddy Zach offered to take over if I ever needed a break. We had no accidents and I had no breaks. We did have a few close calls, but thats due to DUMBASS DRIVERS and everyone in the car can testify to that. Goes back to my theory... "People are dumb."

So we get to the hotel and checkin. Our rooms are pretty nice. Nothing fancy but definately sleepable/partyable (if thats a word). Online it said they had a bowling alley, which was technically true, although because there werent alot of people in the hotel it wasnt open. I call BS on that, but what can you do.

We decided to go into town so we drove to the parknride and took the L (train) into downtown Chicago. The L was sortof fun, until we had to wait 30-45 minutes because of some delay. Once we arrived to downtown we saw the sites and walked around all night. Oh what fun. Every corner you turn there's another homeless dude asking for change to get loaded. I didnt give out any change but did giveout cigs. (Did I mention that I bought a carton of Turkish Silvers for this trip? - that lasted til Saturday night...) Oh oh, I gave a cig to some homeless guy who was walking with us and kinda hassling us... Our conversation went like so...

Homeless dude: "Hey man can you give me some change?"
Me: "No, but I'll give you a smoke."
Homeless dude: "Thanks man I'll take that." (I give him a cig)
Me: "Enjoy."
Homeless dude: "Hey man you need any weed?"
Me: "No man I'm good."
Homeless dude: "What about the rest of your people?"
Me: "We're all set man, but thanks."
Homeless dude: "What about a piece of ass?"
Me: "No thanks man."
Homeless dude: "What? You dont need to get off tonight? I know this girl..."
Me: "No thanks man, have a good night."
Homeless dude: "You too."

We ate at the Hard Rock and it was fun. I had a Wiskey Sour and everyone else had their poison of choice. Fun was had by all and our server was hot... then again, I have a thing for pale white chicks.

Saturday: Day 2, the main event.

We all wakeup around 10:30 or so and we're all pumped beyond believe. The prospect of seeing my favorite band live in concert has me excited as all getout but everyone in our group seems to have the same vibe. It doesnt matter what we do today, we know it will endup amazing.

So we depart for the L. No major delays today, just straight into Chicago. Zach is our navigational expert on the L and knows prettymuch exactly where we're going. We get off at a different stop this time, closer to where we need to be than just the 'hip' area of downtown. By way of accident we head the wrong way BUT I cant tell you how thankful I am. If it werent for this misdirection we wouldve missed the awesome view of the skyline and giant lake and all that. Just adds to the trip.

We make our way to the House of Blues. Cool place really. Honestly I'd take it over Hard Rock but thats my affinity for true blues. Hard Rock is fun but they play nothing but crappy pop music for the most part. How they consider WMCA worthy of being played at the Hard Rock is beyond me. They did play some crappy Stevie Ray Vaughn fiddly country honky blue stuff at the House of Blue, but while there I also heard Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Reed and Slim Harpo on their jukebox. So for that they redeemed the eating experience. I had two Wiskey Sours and felt great. Nice to get a good mixed drink or two before the best concert of your life.

So after our feast we begin to make our way down to Soldier Field. Keep in mind that we've already started to see Stones tshirts all over town and we're not even close to the stadium yet. As we make our way down there we start to see the throngs of people heading toward the stadium. Its a good long walk but its kindof fun to see thousands of people heading to see one band.

Once the stadium comes into view it suddenly dawns on Dmitri and everyone else just how huge this concert is. I mean its one thing to know in your head that you're about to join 65,000+ people for a concert in a friggin STADIUM but its another thing to see it in person. So we get to our seats and as promised they're incredibly close to the stage/PA system. While everyone else might have a direct head on view of the stage, we'll be extremely close and wont need binoculars to see them riffing away onstage.

Dan Akroyd's Blues Brothers band thingie played, and in my humble opinion, they sucked. Its not real blues. Its fun and entertaining, just not my thing. Some people seemed to get a kick out of it though. Los Lonely Boys on the otherhand were fantastic! I knew they'd be fun but had no clue they'd be that good live. Good job lonely boys. Good job.

After a while the houselights went down and the show began. The next two hours were nothing but the Rolling Stones rocking our faces off. I'm just glad that five of my friends were able to experience what I've been ranting and raving about ever since any of them have known me. Its the single best concert experience you can have, and it wont happen again unless you see them again (which I get to do in a week, and it could be the last time I EVER see them - sad thought). This was my 5th time seeing the Stones and they never disappoint. Its just mindblowing really. (Did I mention that the center portion of the stage moves out into the crowd halfway through the show? The 2nd stage is on the other side of the stadium and they play on a moving stage while it transports them...)

The setlist:

1 Start Me Up
2 You Got Me Rocking
3 Rough Justice
4 Tumbling Dice
5 She's So Cold
6 Ruby Tuesday
7 Shattered
8 Bitch
9 Night Time Is The Right Time
- Introductions -
10 The Worst (Keith)
11 Infamy (Keith)
12 Miss You (to B-stage)
13 Oh No, Not You Again (B-stage)
14 Satisfaction (B-stage)
15 Honky Tonk Women (from B-stage)
16 Out Of Control
17 Sympathy For The Devil
18 Jumping Jack Flash
19 Brown Sugar
20 You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
21 It's Only Rock'n Roll (encore)

The rest of the weekend is us partying and driving home. The Stones was the climax and everything after that is the aftermath. Fantastic weekend. One for the books. I hope to repeat it someday but doubt it will ever happen again. Pictures below stolen from various sources. Many thanks to Amelia and Dmitri for their kickass pics. The others taken by fans online (some close to our seats). The ones that show the stage during the daytime are taken by Dmitri before the show. Very cool to see it just as people are arriving. :)


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4th September 2005

5:32pm: keep your distance... from this movie
Last night I went with some friends to see a movie called "Keep Your Distance". It got a mediocre review in the Courier Journal and an excellent review in LEO. A buddy of mine involved in indie films told me the director would be there for the first showing in Louisville and that it should be a fun event. So we went...

Everyone in my crew thought it was a pretty shitty movie. The only draw about the movie was that it was filmed in Louisville and supposedly didnt make this state seem so redneck (as that Elizabethtown movie did). They were right. Instead of making Louisville look redneck, it made us look sleazy. The movie was basically a soap opera filmed on a good budget with great cameras. The style was good and some of the humor was good, but when the last half of the movie is basically porn, it more or less ruins the movie. The last scene is a 3some which starts but then the lead character ends it and more drama ensues. He sortof ends up being a good guy, but in my book he's a sleazebag and couldve made the "decision" far before the scene. Idiot plot is something I have no tolerance for.

One of my friends left the movie during one of the last scenes of the movie and I hardly blame her. We all should have left halfway through so we couldve gotten our money back and seen 40 Year Old Virgin.

Point is, Keep Your Distance, from this movie.

22nd August 2005

4:47pm: zerofest 2005
ZEROFEST.com nuff said

12th August 2005

2:46pm: personal, non-political rant
Not that anyone reads this but I feel like ranting so I'm going on a NON-political rant... (btw, this isnt directed at a certain person or anything like that, its just a general rant.)

I preached last Sunday at my dad's church. It was a great experience, although a bit nerve-racking. The disappointing part about it was that none of my friends came. I know things happen that we cant control, but it just sucks to have everyone get sick/sleep in/forget about it simultaneously. My little brother and his friend came, so that meant alot to me.

Why do people have cellphones if they dont answer them? I'm continually amazed as my phonebook grows just how few people actually answer their phones or return their calls at all. A handful of friends answers their phones, the rest are hit or miss.

Ever Constant Sea stopped practicing one month and never came back. They left the last week of the month and never paid me for the rehearsal time. I'm not going to get any vengence for the $100 they owe me. I'll probably never see them again unless I go to one of their shows, but I doubt they're even playing shows anymore. So I giveup. Hope others see what they are really like. Take note, they never complained to me about anything, yet when I approached them about payment (took two weeks of emails and IMs to get a reply) they made outrageous claims, lied and basically said "screw you, we're not paying". I'm not a shady dude and I try to help people out but I'm getting very tired of being the nice guy.

Why cant I meet any interesting girls? How many dumb, ditsy, ignorant sluts are there in Louisville? I have absolutely no interest in 16 year old bi-curious myspace whores who have had sex with 20 guys. I will not be #37 on your list. Are there any attractive heterosexual girls out there? Any of them not total sluts? Any of them not buying into society's views on morality? I doubt it. I had better luck out of state. I may have not found the love of my life, but everytime I leave this state atleast I find people who intrigue me.

Some good news:

- New students are arriving this week, so maybe I'll meet a girl who interests me.
- September 10th, Stones concert in Chicago. Should be one of the best concerts of my life.
- I've heard the new Stones album (or atleast bits and pieces of it) and it sounds like their best work in atleast 20 years. I'll be suprised if it doesnt blowup the charts when released. Album of the year...
- I'm a fulltime student this semester and will be done in a year.
- I quit my grounds job and I'm really enjoying my media work. Audio and video editing is the best job for me and I love it.
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1st August 2005

7:30pm: History
I found this article incredibly interesting...

The past as today's politics
When references to history totally confuse the point

Victor Davis Hanson, a senior fellow and historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University: Tribune Media Services
Published July 29, 2005

History is evoked more and more these days, even as fewer of us read it.

That apathy explains why when public figures turn to false historical analogies for political purposes, they're often given a free pass to exaggerate or distort. Take, for example, filmmaker Michael Moore, who once compared terrorists in Iraq to our own Minutemen, or Yasser Arafat who implied that the taking of Jenin was as brutal as the battles for Leningrad and Stalingrad. Even Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) recently likened the conditions found in Guantanamo Bay to those in Nazi death camps.

So the next time someone quotes philosopher George Santayana for the umpteenth time that "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it," just assume that what follows will probably be wrong. Having a Rolodex of cocktail party quotes to beef up an argument is not the same as the hard work of learning about the past.

Thus, we are now warned that the war against terror is failing because it has lasted as long as World War II--as if the length of war, not the cost, determines success.

Yet the nearly 2,000 U.S. combat fatalities in Afghanistan and Iraq, while tragic, are a fraction of the 292,000 American battle deaths in World War II--about 0.6 percent, in fact.

The mantra "Bush lied; thousands died" charges that President Bush altered his reasons for the war from the original worry over weapons of mass destruction. But aside from the fact that the U.S. Senate voted for the war on 22 additional counts, wars, rightly or wrongly, have often had a variety of changing public explanations.

Lincoln led the North into the Civil War emphasizing that it was a struggle to preserve the Union, not outlaw slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation was not passed until January of 1863, when enough Union progress allowed Lincoln to publicly redefine a practical struggle of restoration into one of sweeping idealism.

Woodrow Wilson ("He kept us out of war") and Franklin D. Roosevelt ("Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars") won re-election by promising non-involvement in Europe's fighting. Yet, when voted back in, they both prepared for war, convinced that there was no living with either Prussian militarism or Axis fascism.

Since America entered World War I without first being attacked, should we conclude "Wilson lied, thousands died"?

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) intoned of the USA Patriot Act he voted for, "We are a nation of laws and liberties, not of a knock in the night." Though, so far, that mild statute pales before exigencies of past liberal wartime presidents who really did jail innocents, night and day, without warning or sometimes even justification.

Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. During World War I, under the Espionage and Sedition Acts, Woodrow Wilson detained citizens without trial and made it a crime to slander the United States. Franklin Roosevelt convicted and executed saboteurs through military tribunals and sent thousands of Japanese Americans to relocation camps.

We're constantly reminded of the regrettable intelligence lapses from Sept. 11, 2001, onward, but they seem almost minor in light of prior blunders in the fog of war.

Thousands of Americans perished at Shiloh, Pearl Harbor and during the Battle of the Bulge because commanders like Ulysses S. Grant, Adm. Husband Edward Kimmel and Dwight D. Eisenhower didn't have a clue what the enemy was planning.

In our confusion during this war, why do we often ignore history or twist its details to fit our own particular needs?

First, in our schools, formal study of the past has given way to the more ideological agenda of the social sciences. Mastery of historical facts is seen as passe, while the less educated instead "do theory" to prove preconceived notions.

Second, good intentions don't always equal good history. Being politically correct often makes us plain wrong, relegating history to melodrama and negating history's power to put tragedy into context.

Third, we're in thrall to the present affluent age, convinced that our own depressing experiences are unique, naturally dwarfing all prior calamities.

But history is not a parlor game used to prove a political point. Instead, at its best, history should offer us solace that we are never really alone.


18th April 2005

1:56pm: crying, waiting, hoping...
So the other day I was going through my collection when I came upon an old vinyl record of Buddy Holly. Mind you I'm not the biggest fan of his work, but he has some fantastic tunes regardless of the loads of pop released. One of these tunes is called "Crying Waiting Hoping". I found it on the vinyl but it was this lousy version I always hated. After about 20 minutes of searching I finally found the OTHER vinyl I had and threw it on my stereo. To my joy it was a very loud and fast version of this track and I was suddenly overcome with a great joy. I dont know too many people who still listen to vinyl, let alone anyone who would spend 20 minutes looking through vinyl for one song. I'm sure that in that 20 minutes I could have downloaded a billion different versions of that tune online, but I HATE mp3 and would rather shoot myself in the foot than sift through mislabeled mp3s to find this one version.

Having said all that, I am an audiophile. My friend Zach is a true nerd. He is the master of all things computer related and can handle any issue with great ease. I have enough knowledge to operate anything with ease, but I am by no means an IT manager. I'm not really a nerd. A dork maybe, but not a nerd.

When I was 5 years old I took a rock and carved my full name, in cursive, on the passenger side door of our brand new van when we were living overseas. My dad came outside, saw the writing, and was enraged beyond belief. I know this because after he saw the writing he asked "Who did this!?!" I mean, its my full name, in cursive, on the door. Who else did it?

So after I confessed that I did this horrific act of ruining the paint on our brand new van (rememeber, this was our first year on the mission field in a foreign country) my dad came up with the best punishment he could give a 5 year old child... He took away my stereo. I had a Nintendo and a small stereo. Most parents would take away the Nintendo, but not my dad. He had caught on. Its also fun to note that he left all the vinyl in my room, but took away my stereo. How horrible to have all my records right infront of me, but with nothing to play them on.

Fun times. I have no clue why I was possessed to post on here. Maybe I just felt like ranting. I LOVE MUSIC! I'm one of those kids who would sit alone in a room with a pair of headphones and a stack of vinyl and just listen to records all day. That or listening to records while playing Contra/Metroid/Castlevania, etc...

I'm off to find something to do.

7th February 2005

7:00pm: Barely awake
This morning I went to class and we discussed the Hobbit for almost 2 hours (3 hour class). I was suprised by just how many people have not read this book. What suprised me even more was when I brought up Lord of the Flies which almost NO ONE has read. After this thoroughly entertaining class I decided to go home and have lunch. Somehow I ended up watching 50 First Dates and was actually entertained by the rediculous romantic comedy. Its kindof like Groundhog Day except it toys with your emotions instead of making you laugh constantly. The best scene of the entire movie had to be Adam Sandler on his boat, crying and singing "Wouldnt It Be Nice" (Beach Boys). Anyways, I was suprise to be so entertained by a chick flick that I wasnt forced to watch on a date. After that I slept for like 4-5 hours, and now I'm at the studio, about to record hopefully the last bit for a band called Exit 8a. I believe we're on the last of 4 songs tonight, so I'm looking forward to having it finally done.

They say "Louisville is for lovers" but having lived here for quite a while I'm thinking I'll have to go out of state to find my lover, and then bring her back to Louisville. Everyone in the ville seems to be busy "enjoying their singleness". I say, enjoy your singleness when you're living alone the rest of your life.

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2nd February 2005

11:00pm: :)
On election day in Iraq the voter turnout was so great that they ran out of ballots. An entire people group are given the opportunity to embrace democracy, and what happens...? They ran out of ballots. If only US citizens voted so fervently.


20th January 2005

7:26pm: Running away from the truth
I recently visited this site called "TurnYourBackOnBush.org". Go look at it. Its pure propaganda. There are no real issues presented on the site. Nothing they stand for. Nothing helpful. It only serves to gather people together to express their collective hatred for Bush. Their hope was to stage a massive protest at the inauguration by turning their backs on the president when he's sworn into office, again.

I wrote a letter and sent it to every email listed on their site. Here is my email:

> What sore loosers you are. Bush was re-elected by a majority of
> Americans. Such a majority that Kerry conceded because a recount would
> not change the results. So you represent a minority. One who is well
> represented through every phacet of the music industry and popular media.
> You're not being oppressed, you're being outvoted.
> When Clinton was re-elected to a second term I was disappointed, but didnt
> attempt massive protests. While you might be making a statement, you are
> proving little aside from your dislike for the president. Expressing
> dislike will not make ANY impact on his agenda. You're uniting under
> HATRED of Bush. I'd have respect for you if you outlined specific issues
> you stood for, but you dont care about issues. You just want to
> demonstrate mass disgust for the president. This helps no agendas or
> movements but rather is the act of sore loosers who want to express
> disdain at the outcome of the presidential election.
> Drake

I recieved two replies to this email after sending it to over 50 'organizers'. Here is the first reply:

> You are correct in your assessment, all we want to do is show our disgust
> for Mr Bush.

This girl was honest, so for that I respect her. The 2nd reply, however, proves to me just how pathetic this group is. Its obviously something pre-written that she sends to every person who disagrees with her, with a few additions to make fun of my grammar...

> Dear Mr. Hatfield,
> For the first time in the history of our country the exit voting polls were wrong!
> By the way, in Germany, all votes are counted by hand and take several weeks to
> complete so Germany uses exit polls to proclaim the winner that night of the
> election. The exit polls there have never been off by more than 0.1%. The exit polls
> in this country proclaimed John Kerry the winner of the presidential race. There
> were several irregularities in the 2004 election in Ohio, New Mexico, and Florida
> including minorities having to wait several hours in line in the rain while
> Republican polling places had an excess of voting machines, voter suppression,
> and intimidation.
> You say I should work in the election for the Democrats; well, I did here in Maine
> as a delegate to the Democratic convention, as a get out the vote volunteer going
> house-to-house discussing issues - not my "hatred" of George W. Bush, and getting
> people rides to the polls. In Maine, we had record voter turnout, and Kerry won.
> The issues I discussed about George W. Bush include the following:
> Tax cuts for millionaires: Middle class America need tax cuts, not millionaires;
> George W. Bush has never even been to a grocery store let alone have any
> understanding of what it's like to be a working man with children to support.
> The Illegal War in Iraq: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; they were mostly all
> Arabs. The reason we are in Iraq is OIL; the US is way too dependent on OIL and
> needs to find alternative energy sources, not invade Iraq where 60% of the civilians
> are under 14 years of age. According to the British medical journal, The Lancet, we
> have killed over 100,000 innocent Iraqi citizens - 60,000 under the age of 14.
> Besides that, we have killed over 1200 of our own sons and daughters and God only
> knows how many more are permanently maimed and/or severely injured. Bush said first
> he was invading Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction, but there is lots of
> evidence that he KNEW there was none of those. Then it was because Saddam was such a
> bad guy; he was a bad guy, but there are lots of bad guys - dictators and worse -
> doing business in the world today, but Bush did not invade them because they have no
> OIL.
> Now Iraq has become a training ground for more and more terrorists who have come
> from all over the world to kill the Americans who illegally invaded a sovereign
> country - Iraq.
> A Colossal Deficit: George W. Bush inherited a record surplus yet he has squandered
> that into a record deficit with his taxcuts to millionaires and his illegal war. I
> don't know if you have children, but my children, grandchildren, and their
> grandchildren will be paying that back forever. I have always thought that
> Republicans were conservative - they didn't spend what they didn't have - at least
> when I was a Republican, that was the philosophy . I can think of better ways to
> spend all these trillions of dollars such as education, universal single-payer
> health care, development of alternative energy sources, funding the unfunded
> Homeland Security, proper equipment for our soldiers if they have to be there in
> Iraq, repair of our deteriorating infrastructure - electrical grids, roads, etc.,
> and so on. Instead, George's buddies in Halliburton and other large corporations use
> our hard-earned tax money in no-bid contracts to destroy Iraq, the cradle of
> civilization, the Bible says.
> Women's Rights: George W. Bush warns that he will resubmit the names of the
> right-wing judicial nominees that were turned down by the Congress. These nominees
> are against a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body. Abortion should
> be the last resort for birth control, in my opinion, but if the right of abortion is
> taken away, illegal abortion will still be available and extremely dangerous.
> Gay Rights: I'm sure you would not want the government interfering with what you do
> in your bedroom. Gays do not choose to be gay; they just are gay, and it is none of
> our business what they do.
> The Environment: As a registered nurse living here in Maine, I see the effects of
> the bad air brought here by the jetstream from the coal plants and other pollution -
> children who cannot breathe from asthma. Children and adults die from asthma every
> day here in Maine. George W. Bush continues to soften the environmental laws that
> have taken years to develop. He has done nothing to find alternative energy souces
> but is gouging us here in our unwealthy state with record gas and fuel oil prices
> driving up the cost of food and just getting to work, but then he has no clue what
> it's like for the average American to have to work to support a family.
> Stem Cell Research: As a nurse, I know how much suffering could be relieved and
> productivity gained with more stem cell research in areas such as Alzheimers
> Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and paralysis. George W. Bush is against the science
> of stem cell research.
> Besides that, I assume you mean losers not loosers and facet and not phacet. If you
> are interested, go to www.projectforanewamericancentury.org and check out the
> Principles and who signed them in 1994ish; you will see what Bush and his cronies
> have in mind for all of us, and if that's what you want then you deserve the
> President you voted for.
> Sincerely,
> Judith Hopkins, RN
> Maine - a blue state
> God Help America!

After reading this I was wondering just how much this woman cares about the truth. I wrote her a pretty decent reply, which is below. In retrospect I think I should have cited the fact that the organization incharge of doing the exit polls has admitted the horrible inaccuracies and has cited two major reasons for this:

1. a vast majority of the pollsters were very young (under 35) and inexperienced
2. government officials in MANY many areas did not allow pollsters to stay close to voting areas, allowing many people to leave the polls without getting their talleys

The exit polls are just that, exit polls. I wasnt asked about my vote, and neither was 75% of this country. Here's my wonderful reply:

Judy, thank you for writting me back. You are only the 2nd person to reply after I emailed each person involved in your project. Thats alot of emails to get no replies from. Feel free to poke fun at my incorrect spelling and piss poor grammar. I'm the product of the defunct public education system that Bush is fixing.

I think you need to take a look at your site again. Turnyourbackonbush.org stands only to proclaim disapproval of the president. There are no agendas put forward, nothing possitive, just disdain. Its pathetic to see people involved in such a movement. It would be different if all of the causes you listed in your letter were also on the site, but they are not. The site serves just to express disapproval for Bush. He is not going to step down because you dont like him, nor will he change his agenda.

Tax cuts for millionaires: Middle class America need tax cuts, not millionaires; George W. Bush has never even been to a grocery store let alone have any understanding of what it's like to be a working man with children to support.

I'm suprised people continue to use this argument. Bush gave taxcuts to all brackets, not just the rich. Irregularities existed in the previous tax system which caused people of a certain upperclass bracket to pay more than a third of their income. Its rediculous. Someone succeeds in this awesome country and instead of being able to reap the benefits, they are forced to give up a third of their income in order for the government to fund all sorts of projects. A third of a person's income is the max allowed under the Bush tax cut, and I still find it offensive that its that high of a percentage. I'm middleclass and have had to work for it. I got a tax cut, same as my brother who is a construction worker and what you would consider lower class. Bush's taxes were an excellent move. The only people who disapprove of the cuts are those who support big government program expansions. Where will we get the money? Rather than tax everyone, we'll just tax the the wealthy. Afterall, they're wealthy. Its not like its their money or anything. I know they worked for it and earned it, but we should be entitled to a third of their income. Right?

As far as the war in Iraq goes, we are fighting terrorists. We arent fighting a resistance built because of invasion, we are fighting terrorists who are suiciding bombing us and who are holding people for ransom. We went to war based on a search for WMDs. We havent found any. The concept of WMDs is not something Bush madeup in order to invade the country. The concept that Iraq had WMDs was something presented by the intelligence organizations of France, Russia, UK, Spain and a host of other countries. All of them believed Saddam had WMDs and that he had violated the UN resolutions. Some of those nations joined us in our war efforts against Saddam, others have not. We can argue all day about it, but Bush did the best he could with the information he was given. You need to throw some of the blame on the other countries who presented these false reasons for war.

As far as the deficit goes right now it is the one area I would happen to agree with you on, but thankfully Bush has trimmed back government programs so that they cost less to fund. In turn this takes less of a toll on our citizens and allowing us to fix the deficit much quicker. Your democratic presidential candidate would have started programs much larger than what Bush has begun. Spend heavy, tax heavy. Thats the moto of the Dems. Bush spends where it is necessary, and cuts back rediculous programs, and has fixed tax bracket irregularities. Need I remind you that when Bush came to the whitehouse we were in the Clinton recession, which had been on a steady decline for 8 months prior to Bush's arrival. He turned the country around and the benefits of his efforts will be seen 2-3 years from now. Clinton took the credit for the excellent economy when Bush Sr. had done the work that caused such excellent economic growth. In the same way George W. is inhereting the piss poor national state caused by Clinton's 2nd term efforts.

Abortion is something that should only be allowed if the mother's life is in danger. Aside from that there is no cause for abortion. My girlfriend is a 'bastard child'. Her mother had her at age 17 and put her up for adoption. A child born of rape is just as valuable as a child born into a traditional family. I honestly have no respect for anyone who supports abortion. You might also note that voting among women was UP last election, and for Bush. Married women as well as single women stood up and proclaimed the pro-life agenda.

Gay Rights: I'm sure you would not want the government interfering with what you do in your bedroom. Gays do not choose to be gay; they just are gay, and it is none of our business what they do.

Right you are, but the government is not interfering with what homosexuals do in their bedrooms. The government regulates how money is spent and what benefits people get. A girl at my work is stanchly against me on most issues and she engaged me on this for shits and giggles. She attempted to say that now if a gay couple has a dispute he/she will not be able to put a restraining order on a violent spouse. Damn right! Cause he/she is not a spouse, he/she is a partner. And it DOES NOT mean that they cant put restraining orders on their partners, it just means its not marriage. Mick Jagger has plenty of restraining orders out on fans. He's not married to any of his fans. Its not a 'spousal' restraining order. Has nothing to do with marriage. My point? The homosexual agenda is to seek normality. That is to say, homosexuals want their lifestyle to be confirmed and accepted. Unfortunately most school children know that men and women go together, and that men and men or women and women would be something tabboo, and not the norm.

The Environment: As a registered nurse living here in Maine, I see the effects of the bad air brought here by the jetstream from the coal plants and other pollution - children who cannot breathe from asthma. Children and adults die from asthma every day here in Maine. George W. Bush continues to soften the environmental laws that have taken years to develop. He has done nothing to find alternative energy souces but is gouging us here in our unwealthy state with record gas and fuel oil prices driving up the cost of food and just getting to work, but then he has no clue what it's like for the average American to have to work to support a family.

He tried to drill up in the wastelands but environmentalists wouldnt let him. That would have lowered fuel costs and given lots of americans jobs here in our own country. American fuel, what a concept. But I guess everyone would rather we buy from the middleeast than tear down a few trees and make a conduit. He also put in to act the clean air act recently, and is working at reducing polution. That headline was pretty understated by the media. 4th down on google news a while back. Suprised more people werent pleased with this.

Stem Cell Research: As a nurse, I know how much suffering could be relieved and productivity gained with more stem cell research in areas such as Alzheimers Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and paralysis. George W. Bush is against the science of stem cell research.

Stem cell research is rediculous. More progress has been made with adult stem research than stem cells. The only reason stem cell research is a big deal is for cloning, which most people seem to appose for obvious reasons. Adult stem cell research could achieve the SAME cures, but is not being furthered because it has less to do with cloning, and more to do with growing active living tissue.

Bush has done great things for this country. No Child Left Behind is finally putting accountability on the teachers, and not just letting kids continually be stuck in a failing education system. If people have the money for it, they always put their children in a private school. Why is this? Because the american school system is a downward spiral. Thank God for his efforts at fixing this. Bush is pro life, and I'm glad for that.

I voted for a leader who stands for something. Who doesnt look at the polls in order to sway his decisions to the popular vote. You may get a kick out of turning your back on Bush but I'm proud to be a citizen with him in the command seat. He's a leader, which is more than I can say for Kerry. Your democratic candidate supported the war, then was against it. He used to be pro life, but when he began campaigning for the presidency he suddenly became pro abortion. He has been on both sides of the isle on every issue, and everyone knows it. Bush, on the other hand, is the same man he was when governing Texas. He doesnt falter. He's a leader. Kerry has voted against almost every taxcut proposed and for every tax increase. Classic democrat. Spend spend spend. Tax tax tax. Suppport the left wing agenda. Try to make left the norm. Kerry is/was the most politically and morally pliable presidential candidate of all time. Hipocrisy being the theme, he wins.

I'm proud to support a candidate who stands for what I believe in and refuses to sacrifice his core values. Bush is a leader, which is more than I can say for Kerry.


After this letter I then recieved a very detailed reply...

> Drake, As I said before, God Help America! Judy

This is the BIGGEST copout answer I've ever recieved in my life. I dont putup with this crap so I wrote her back AGAIN.

You are willing to write several pages worth of a reply to my letter yet are only able to write a single line worth of text to my reply?

She replied again, with even more detail...

Dear Drake,

I feel sorry for you because you have been conned to vote against your best interests. Every one of your points can easily be refuted, but it's quite obvious that you didn't read my letter thoughtfully, and I have lots of work to do. I am sure that history will consider bush the worst president in the history of our country for the reasons I stated and many more. Let me tell you since I retired, my stock has shrunk by one-third, and he wants to privatize social security. Do you think you will benefit from that or will his rich corporate friends? I think we should agree to disagree and leave it at that.

God help America!


After this insulting copout letter ("I have lots of work to do") I sent a final letter which I think is smashingly awesome...

Judy, I destroyed every point in your letter using sound logic. You took the time to write me a very lengthy reply which I read in full, and then replied to with solid reasoning. But rather than refute my points you'd rather just agree to disagree. You cant hold your own in a discussion so would rather storm out of a room than hold your ground. I have not been conned, but rather vote with strong convictions for issues that matter to me.

History will be much kinder to Bush than you or your friends in the media. He is revamping the american education system, installing democracy in the heart of the single most troubled area of the entire world, and is protecting the traditional family (man + woman = marriage). He's an excellent president who has reduced taxes for everyone, and has cut back many worthless programs created by democrats and other left wing politians. He has reduced the total cost of our government structure to a fraction of what it was prior to his arrival. Our deficit will disappear very quickly with such low running costs for our government.

JOHN KERRY LOST THE ELECTION. You cited all the fraud and intimidation to the democratic voters but somehow managed to overlook the tens of thousands of votes for Kerry that were found on voting machines in Pennsylvania and other states. Democratic supporters FORGED 10,000+ votes for your candidate, and you'd rather bitch about the couple hundred people who had to wait a little while longer in their neighborhood. Your argument isnt with the voting system, but with the american people.

Kerry is a scumbag. He's been for and against every major issue that you claim he stands for. He used to be pro-life, now is "pro-choice". He has said we should spend as much as necessary on the war in Iraq, now says its a waste of money and resources. Your presidential candidate was and still is a spineless hipocrit. The only time I have thought well of Kerry was at his concession, which was done with much grace and was genuinely impressive. John Edwards, on the other hand, has never once been graceful. He's full of such hatred and disdain its hard to find anything possitive in his speech.

You can continue to use Bush as your own personal scapegoat for every issue in the book, but I would encourage you to read the facts and stop being swayed by angry lib/dems.

Its been fun.

btw, abortion is murder, not a women's rights issue

Why did I post all of this? Because I needed to vent, and livejournal serves that purpose for me. I'm tired of ignorant people trying to convince the world that they represent 'most Americans'. Some of her arguments were valid but she refuses to accept the truth on so many levels that she destroys herself in her on writings. When she mentions homosexuality and comments on it, she presents no specific issues, but rather states that the government is trying to control what people do in their bedroom. This is completely UNTRUE. The government attempts to control how marriage is recognized, and states can choose differently, and are.

I guess what I really have a problem with is contradiction. She grieves for soldiers dying in Iraq but does not grieve for the unborn children who are killed by their mothers because the child is "inconvenient" or because they are "poor". My grandfather grew up poor. His father left his mother when he was 5, and his mother took care of 4 children living in a one bedroom house. He grew up poor and aspired to great things. If my grandmother had aborted her children simply because she was poor I would not be here today.

I am sickened by the supposed 'morality' of the left wing. Their ignorance on stem cell research, abortion, taxes, big government, social security, welfare, and a host of other issues are what disgusts me.


Be bold.

16th December 2004

This Tuesday, December 21st, The Alexander is coming to Louisville to rock our faces off. I cant encourage you enough to come to this show. Katie Talbert, Name For Annabell, Amherst, The Alexander... I'm looking forward to it like no one knows.


9th December 2004

10:12pm: MEETING THIS SUNDAY!!! 7pm! 7pm! 7pm! 7pm!
We will begin filming DEATHSOCKS next week. We are having our first meeting for everyone who wants to be in it THIS SUNDAY at 7PM at Captain Bootleg Studios in downtown Louisville. If you are interested in coming just email me to RSVP.

We need people to get mauled by sockpuppets. If you are one of those people, come.


30th November 2004

9:51pm: anger management
After recovering from some type of cold/flu I decided to go to the studio and relax a bit before doing some recording. On my way out the door I picked up 2 dvds: Anger Management and Shawshank Redemption. So after picking up some food and arriving at the studio I decided I'd opt for Anger Management, as its one of the few Adam Sandler movies I havent seen yet. (I have seen Shawshank and its great.)

So after watching this movie I'm left with a few thoughts...

1. This movie would probably be hell to sit through in a theatre. The scene on the airplane (the catalyst scene for the entire movie) describes exactly what you're going to be watching for the duration of the film. Shitty things happening, for no reason, and with poor results. I know, its a comedy. But the movie makes you frustrated for the character, instead of eliciting laugher.

2. There were two things that I thought were well placed and amusing. First was Rudolph Juliani (spelling?) making an appearance at the Yankees game. I actually laughed at that bit. They also threw in 19th Nervous Breakdown as background music, which was very fitting for the chaotic drive to the stadium, and the overall feeling anyone watching the movie was getting. So thats the only positive bit I'm gonna say about it.

3. The ending sucks. So basically a timid/calm dude gets harassed the entire film, and it ends up being an elaborate joke. Seriously, it all ends up being a giant setup. Allow me to give you the short run of this...

The main character and his girlfriend decide to have a 'trial separation' which he believes will strengthen their relationship. (BS. How does separating with your girlfriend improve anything. BS.) So he had this great idea of proposing at a baseball game. He hears his shrink (the other lead character) has taken his girl out on a date to the Yankees game, and as you can guess the main character goes to the game to try to stop the whole ordeal. BS. Why is he trying to win back his girl? She's dating his shrink! If I had a girlfriend and she went out with my shrink when we somehow ended up in a 'trial separation' I'd say 'screw it' and never call her again, and I'd sue my shrink to regain all funds and recoup all damages from his 'therapy'.

OK, so he goes to the game, rescues his girl, blah blah blah. They all talk in the end and it was ALL a setup. His phony assault charges, his court dates, etc... etc... This makes no sense.
a. Fake court?? Who rigs a fake court? Who serves out fake court assignments? I cant scream BULLSHIT loud enough on this.
b. His job was at risk through this whole thing. How is he not upset?

Lastly but not least... In the end the main characters LAUGHS when his girlfriend tells him everything he endured was a giant setup, which she was in on. HOW DOES HE LAUGH AT THIS??!?!?!??!?

If I was called to court, found guilty of FAKE assault charges MULTIPLE TIMES, assigned therapy, lost my 'girlfriend', almost lost my job, forced to live with another man for 30 days, had my life ruined, all on account of a giant setup my girlfriend was in on, I think I'd do more than laugh. I'd drive home, pickup a baseball bat and bash in my X-girlfriend's car, house, anything she cared about, and then move on to the shrink, then the "judge" of the fake court, and so forth until everyone recieved their due punishment. Screw with my life and I'll ruin yours. I know what you're thinking... what if everyone in the setup takes me to court over all the damage I've inflicted on them. Well my friends, I'd sell everything in the world that I owned, and I'd hire the best lawyer I could afford (the ones downstairs from the studio), and I'd sue the daylights out of everyone. They misrepresented the American government, so I doubt the REAL court system would have much tolerance for them, and the giant prank which I didnt laugh at. THIS MOVIE SUCKED.

I'd like to hear what other people thought about this movie, if anyone else has seen it. Now I'm off to record for a while, and try to promote the SHOW THIS FRIDAY!!


16th November 2004

3:05pm: Its Only Rock n Roll
I finally got the site for the studio up and running fairly well. Most of the sections are actually working and this afternoon I plan on putting up mp3s from most of the bands we've recorded. "The Alex Gant" is probably my favorite project right now. I have a big heart for rock n roll... REAL rock n roll. Not Creed. Not Metallica. Not LRS/FOX/QMF/SFR. I'm talking real rock n roll. Bands that come to mind ASIDE from the Alex Gant... The Hives, The Shins, The Thrills, The Who, The Yardbirds, and billion other bands that begin with "The". The Stones should be implied.

Aside from the studio things seem to be going very well. Deathsocks begins filming next month (possibly even NEXT WEEK as I have a fall break with nothing to do but work and not-study). The new music video is getting downloaded pretty heavily and just makes me all the more anxious to get filming on the full movie.

I'm putting on another show on the 26th at Bulldog Cafe. Its only like 10-15 minutes from downtown so I dont know why everyone is so hesitant to make the drive. Doors open at 6:30pm and the chaos will begin shortly after...
- The Models We Frame (Dustin, aka: Violets are Done, is on vocals now)
- Only When I Burn (from Indianapolis)
- Consume Consumer
- Amherst

The Last band on the list should be enough to convince even the most penny-pinching music lover to drop $5 for a night 'O fun. We'll be having another killer aftershow party at the studio following the show. Everyone who attends is invited. W00t.

Anyways, back to mixing, ripping mp3s, and trying to finish Panzer Dragoon Saga. (For those of you not in the know, Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of the rarest rpgs ever produced. It was a brilliant game with an amazing plot, great graphics and amazing gameplay. Released on the Sega Saturn it was destined to be an obscure hit when only a very limited number of pressings were made. The Saturn was discontinued only a few months after this game was released. Originally stores had a hard time selling this 4 disc game and it was going in funcoland for like $40 at one point. It now goes for $175+ in most stores and on ebay for much more, and for some reason in July I managed to get hold of a copy for under $100. An amazing feat no doubt. An equally amazing feat would be to BEAT this game...)

AIM: Route66SM
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2nd November 2004

5:04pm: Live Licks and the Presidential Election
November 2nd is finally here... A day no doubt market in infamy from 4 years ago, and its sure to be a repeat. I doubt there will be a recount if Kerry is seen to be the winner, but if its the other way around shit will hit the fan.

Its only 5pm so there's very little info on the election, which is probably a good thing. I'm driving myself to insanity just pondering it, but apparently I'm not the only one who's worried about what could happen...

On an entirely non-political note, the Rolling F'n Stones released a live album today and I'm fairly pleased with it. Sounds is pretty raw and captures the live feel very well. What pleases me most is the setlist. The first disc is basically the hits and the disc the casual fan will listen to, but disc two was hand crafted just for me with all sorts of rarities. I dont think everyone in the world should go buy it, but I'd encourage it.

Regardless of what happens with the election we're putting on a show this coming Saturday at Bulldog Cafe. Its a little bit farther away than the normal venues, but seeing as Louisville is in a withdrawal (what with Initial Records breaking down, Studio One never getting off the ground, KrazyFest being cancelled, etc... etc...) we're fortunate to have a place to put on shows at all! The bands playing are:

6:30pm (Saturday) all the info is at CaptainBootleg.com
Final Rough Draft - www.finalroughdraft.tk
Shinky - www.shinky.net - www.purevolume.com/shinky
Fire When Ready - www.firewhenready.com - www.purevolume.com/firewhenready
Ultra Pulverize - www.wildandwoolyvideo.com (attn: Glamour Hornsby)

Ultra Pulverize alone should be a call for everyone to come out. Its only $5 and its gonna be hella fun. So regardless of whether you voted, or give a shit about the election, come out to the show if you can.

Captain Bootleg Records is up and running and although the site is a bit mediocre right now, I'm hard at work on a new design. Also taking pictures today to put up online.


24th September 2004

1:48pm: zerofest preview gig
Tonight is the ZeroFest preview gig... Hopefully everyone and their mom will attend but we'll see what happens. Its at Fern Creek Community Center (bardstown road) and its at 7pm. Exit 8a, Leave It At The Door (Indianapolis), and My Finest Hour (headlined the 2nd stage at LRSfest) are playing. Looks to be a great show and the press are coming out for it. Spread the word.


14th September 2004

11:42pm: Studio/ZeroFest
ZeroFest II is coming along very well and the studio is steadily crankin out the tunes. HERE is a sample of the latest. Dustin, you're great.


7th September 2004

4:41pm: DARK REALM!

Dream - rough mix

Come to the show this Friday, and then come to ZeroFest II and rock out w/us.

Proud to be a republican.
Proud to fight terror.
Proud to reform our public schools.
Proud to cut taxes for all.
Ashamed Clinton failed to get Osama when the snipers had him in their scopes for 30 minutes straight.

18th August 2004

5:49pm: Dark Realm's first real recording
OK, here is a clip called Suicide from Dark Realm. Its their latest/first recording at my studio and they rule. The vocals have crackling, which we will be re-recording tonight. New versions will be posted as we come along...


15th August 2004

1:14pm: things on my mind...
- is it just me or do the olympics suck? maybe the sucking began when they started letting crappy "sports" like cheerleading be considered competetive. maybe they'd realize the giant mistakes they've made if they applied cheerleading scoring to REAL sports such as baseball... "gee wally, you know that homerun did go over the fence, but he didnt have the spunk needed so he's out"

- why do MOST people never go to local shows? is it that they dont know about local bands, or they dont care?

- if a vampire drinks his own blood is he masochistic or just thirsty?

- why are people actually voting for John Kerry? he lies to everyone, changes his beliefs constantly, treats people like shit, etc... even my aunt, who voted for Clinton twice, voted for Gore last election, and for the past 8 years (and continuing now) has worked for the democratic party, is voting for Bush because of how awful Kerry is. WTF america?!?! WAKEUP! ITS GOOD VS. EVIL! now I know what you're thinking... "GO EVIL!" NO! (Drake hits you over the head with a newspaper) Bad thoughts! In reality you want good to triumph, especially if you're a Christian.

ok, this reminds me of something i thought pretty funny... when I was at the mini-warped tour here in Louisville they had this tent where people could register to vote. ofcourse it was a john kerry tent with no alternate side represented anywhere. this was not a suprise, but a few things caught my eye (or eyes, since i have two of them)

1. almost every single sticker/button/plackard/poster they had was negative advertising. "trim the bushes" "anyone but bush" "bush sucks" there was nothing pro-kerry, it was just anti-bush. how pitiful is it when the opposing party has absolutely no reason you should vote for them except to get the other guy out of office. john kerry could be the antichrist running for president, but noone cares because they hate bush. why do they hate bush? because they're treehugging hippies who dont want to free a nation? because bush is human and makes grammatical errors? ok, nuff with that. i could go on. point is, all the publicity they were handing out at the stand was simply anti-bush, and nothing pro-kerry. if you went to a republican voter registration booth you would find "bush/kerry 04" and "W 04" stickers. you would NOT find 'anyone but john kerry' stickers, because thats pisspoor politics.

2. the other thing that was friggin hilarious was one of the kerry volunteers was wearing all this anti-bush crap on his shirt and at the same time a cross around his neck. now i dont wear a cross around my neck, but I am a Christian, so I thought i'd ask him about it... so i approached him and the conversation went like so:
me: hi, do you have a minute?
the other guy: sure, whatsup?
me: i was just wondering about the cross around your neck. are you a believer?
the other dude: yes, i'm a christian
me: how does that factor in with your politics
the other guy: i dont believe george w bush represents the christianity i am a part of?
me: and a presidential candidate who is pro-choice does?
(pause for a minute while he thinks to himself)
other doushebag: i dont feel like getting into a debate right now

he then stormed off. i walked away and told my friend brett about it, we both got quite a good laugh out of it but at the same time its disappointing. "do you have a minute?" "sure whatsup?" i then ask a question that puts his beliefs and his voting agenda to the test and he suddenly responds with "i dont feel like getting into a debate right now". i think what he really meant to say was "I'm a Christian, but I dont vote for what I believe in." and this brings me to my final rant...

why do people try to separate their beliefs from their politics? they go hand in hand! if you believe abortion is wrong, and that children born of rape are just as valuable as children born of normal heterosexual families, then why would you vote for a candidate who wants to further the pro-choice agenda? i could pick and choose individual items of discussion, but that would take years, and its already taken me about 15 minutes to write this.

and now i'm going to go and enjoy something i wont have for much longer, a sunday afternoon meal with my family.


9th August 2004

Winterbourne Studios combined with ZeroFest II, shows on August 14th and 28th, starting a venue, and Panzer Dragoon Saga, have taken over my life. As evidence of these amazing things in my life, here is an early sample of DARK REALM, a Russian Death Metal band which Zach Hobson has recently joined, and who are recording at Winterbourne Studios this month. Raw recording, but still worthy of a listen.


25th July 2004

2:41pm: Louisville rocks my face off
A few things I'd like to share with you all...

1. Napoleon Dynamite rocked my face off. Anyone who hasnt seen this movie needs to do so. Never before have I gone to see a movie without seeing any of the trailers/previews and been so completely floored with laughter throughout the entire friggin movie. I fell out of my seat a few times as did several others in our group. So go pay $7.50 and see Napoleon Dynamite. Nuff said.

2. The Hives released their new disc this past week. Its called "Tyrannosaurus Hives". mp3s suck, go buy the disc. As much as I loved their first disc the new one is everything I had hoped for and more. I seriously believe this new disc is SUPERIOR to their first release. At the very least everyone should go watch the video for "Walk Idiot Walk" or listen to "Abra Cadaver". Also nuff said.

3. Winterborne Studios will be launching next Friday or shortly after. I'm looking forward to getting back into it. 8th and Market Street will be my new home.

4. A few people know about this but I figure I'd post it on my livejournal since its a joke as is... I'm going to school part-time now. 9 hours instead of 15. Still working my dayjob, and will live at home til the spring. You may ask, "Drake, you'll be 21 tommorow (Monday), dont you want to move out of your parents house?" And to that I flick you off (Drake flicks you off) and say "Hell no." To sum it up, I'm starting a recording studio/record label/venue/etc... and to give myself the best advantage I'm going to stay at home and save money. My dad rocks and he's bankrolling me until the business is self-supporting. So until the spring I'm not moving out. If my parents were oppressive, harmful, hindering, etc... I wouldnt be at home. So the fact that I am staying at home should speak worlds about my folks. Seriously, I love my family.

5. Simpsons season 4... so good. I bought it when it came out and hadnt had a chance to sit down and watch it yet. Oh man...

6. Some local band needs to find a Baptist Hymnal (they use those to sing in Church) and do a cover of Hymn #666. I live for that day.

7. To Hell with the Devil.

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